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Training with rope – how to jump to lose weight?

Do you think that training with the rope is fun just for kids? Nothing could be further from the truth! Check to see what wonders can make regular jumping rope – regular exercise what will help you lose weight and you’ll like jumping.

How to lose weight by jumping on the rope?

If you ate today again a large cake with cream and you thought that you go on a diet tomorrow, grab the rope! Only half an hour of intense jumping will help you burn about 300-400 calories! In addition, regular workouts improve the appearance of your calves, thighs, buttocks and – interestingly – arms. Oiling rope in motion, strengthen your upper body, arms skin becomes firmer and looks healthier. After a few intense workouts begin to look slender and your legs will delight modeled shape.
Exercises rope heart rate affect growth, improve heart and circulatory system. Thanks to regular workouts not only improve your fitness, balance and coordination, but also noticeably strengthen the body and will increase the flexibility of the joints.
Also speed up the metabolism, which let you see results on the scale. Additional benefits of jumping rope is also a low equipment cost, rapid effects of training and the possibility of gymnastics, both at home and outdoors.

How often you should jump rope?

It is well known that the most important in practice are adequate preparation and consistency. The best jump every day for half an hour. For starters, you can start practicing three times a week, gradually increasing the number of training sessions.
The daily repetition of exercise will do your body a lot of benefits. Not only improves mood and mental condition, but also aerobic capacity man. Increases muscle mass, which positively shapes the body. In addition, training helps you stay slim and speeds up the metabolism.
But what that training has become our habit and made pleasure, and not associated with sweating seven squeezed in a stuffy gym? Apply some of our advice and after a few days of daily exercise with rope will become your new habit and have a beneficial effect on your body.

5 principles of effective training rope

1. The competent outfit. Comfort for a comfortable, well-fitting body suit. Ideally, you will be made of a material removing excess sweat released during exercise. If you are planning to jump in the fresh air, be sure to cushioning shoes!
2. Place your workout. You can train both at home and outside. The most important thing to jump took place on the ground a stable, flat and relatively soft.
3. Techniques jumping. Keep a straight silhouette, look ahead, hold down elbows and knees while jumping stiffening!
4. Regularity. Remember that it is better to practice short and systematically than once a week breathless!
5. Change the style way to boredom. If you feel bored, you can start experimenting. Try to make a few so-called. “Eights”, jump back, or on one leg. Proposals exercises depend only on you!

What kind of rope to buy?

rope with counter Skipping are available at any sporting goods store, but if you are planning regular exercise, you need to pay attention to the fact that the equipment on which you perform them, was a good fit.
The only criterion to choose the ropes to draw attention to its length. When you stand at its center, the length of the handles should reach slightly more than the height of your armpits. For a long rope can be shortened by tying knots at the ends too short should be replaced. In addition, it is worth to choose the appropriate weight jump rope, the best are lightweight utensils made of plastic.
If you diligently tracking new trends, certainly of interest to you as skipping ropes with counters for checking a time to dance and calories burned. Additional capabilities certainly have a beneficial effect on increasing motivation for training!

Who should not train with the rope?

It would seem that jumping rope so popular with children should not have contraindications. This kind of activity is not recommended for people with overweight and obesity. It can also aggravate problems with joints. Experts advise against it as suffering from cardiac failure and circulatory problems. If, however, you do not belong to these people, today begin an adventure with rope and model your body! Maybe after regular practice you will be able to beat the world record for jumping rope, which is 136 repetitions in 15 seconds 🙂

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